Are you ready to show off your furry friend’s skills and compete with the best of the best at the International Dog Show? Then it’s time to register! Also check which dogs are performing on which days below.

Important note

Your dog’s health and safety is our utmost priority, therefore kindly note that only the healthiest of dogs will be able to register for the below mentioned competitions. Veterinary checks will be carried out at entry and during the fair to ensure the safety of all dogs. However, we appeal to all dog owners to abide by the following rules:

  • Do not cause or permit any kind of suffering or endanger for your or other people’s dogs’ health or welfare
  • No dogs must not be left alone in the car
  • Exhibitors must transport their dogs in accordance with European and Luxembourg laws
  • The use of beauty products and any form of intervention to prepare dogs for a show is not allowed, in the show area and in the surrounding area. Including the use equipped tables with the so-called gallows is expressly forbidden. Only combing or brushing dogs are allowed. any other intervention and any use of products are prohibited in the preparation of dogs for the show
  • All dogs visiting the fair must be fully vaccinated and hold a European pet passport

If you have any further questions about animal welfare or have any incidents to report, please contact the FCL directly on site or by email.


The CACIB (Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté) is an international dog show certification, recognized by the World Canine Organization (FCI). This certification assesses a dog’s conformation, movement, and overall appearance, and is granted to dogs that meet the high standards set by the FCI. By earning the CACIB certification, a dog may earn the title of International Champion, under certain conditions.

This prestigious certification, given on Saturday and on Sunday, is a testamony to a dog’s breeding, training, and overall quality, and is sought after by breeders, handlers, and owners alike.


The Certificat d’Aptitude au Champion de Luxembourg, or CACL, is a dog show competition that takes place in Luxembourg. The competition is open to dogs of all breeds, and the goal is to determine which dogs are the best representatives of their breed in terms of appearance, temperament, and obedience. During the competition, as well on Saturday and on Sunday, dogs are judged on a variety of factors, including conformation to breed standards, movement, and overall health. The dogs that perform the best in each category are awarded a CACL certificate, which is a highly sought after distinction for both dogs and their owners. Participating in the CACL competition is a fun and exciting way for dog owners to showcase the abilities and qualities of their pets, and to connect with other dog enthusiasts from around the country.

Youth Champion

The International Dog Show in Luxembourg is proud to host the Youth Championships, where young dogs can showcase their skills and compete for the title of Youth Champion. This exciting event will take place on both Saturday and Sunday, giving dogs the opportunity to participate and win on either day. With the chance to demonstrate their agility, obedience, and overall abilities, this competition is a great platform for young dogs to show off their potential and gain recognition in the canine world. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just starting out, the Youth Champion Qualification is a must-attend event for any dog looking to make a name for themselves in the world of dog shows.

Veteran Champion

The International Dog Show in Luxembourg is proud to host the Veteran Championships, a competition that celebrates the achievements and talents of older dogs. This exciting event will take place on both Saturday and Sunday, giving dogs the opportunity to participate and win on either day. With the chance to showcase their experience and training, this competition is a great way for veteran dogs to demonstrate their continued abilities and prowess in the canine world.

Crufts qualification competition 2025

At the International Dog Shows both male and female CACIB dogs as well as Youth champions will have the opportunity to qualify for one of the most prestigious dog shows in the world, Crufts 2025. This is not only a chance for dogs to showcase their beauty, intelligence, obedience, and other exceptional qualities, it also enables participants to compete against some of the best dogs from around the world.

Luxembourg Winner

During the International Dog Shows, an overall winner is chosen from all breed groups. For this, the 10 group winners of each day, the « best of breeds », compete against each other to become « Best In Show ». In a next step the two “Best In Show” enter the competition to become Luxembourg Winner and this at the end of the competitions on Sunday.