With a variety of fun-filled activities, both you and your furry friends will be sure to have a tail-wagging good time at the International Dog Show.

Put your furry friend’s nose to work at the Nasenarbeit parcours!

Nasenarbeit has a treat for all visitors’ dogs at the International Dog Show – a special sniffing parcours! If you want to challenge your dog’s sense of smell, make sure to stop by and discover this fun activity.

« Spürnasenarbeit » operates as a conservation-focused training center for sniffer dogs. Our programs involve teaching pet dogs to locate endangered species such as bats affected by wind turbines, wolves, truffles, and invasive plants or animals like raccoon dogs and skunk cabbage. Our expertise also extends to identifying nuisances like bark beetles on spruce trees, bed bugs, and tree fungi. We warmly welcome clients with an open mindset in these domains, fostering a mutually beneficial dynamic. Dogs engage in natural, fulfilling tasks, owners enjoy valuable bonding moments, clients find effective solutions, all while contributing to vital conservation efforts.

Top dogs candidate and World Vice Champion in Agility MIKE PETER is ready to wow!

One of the highlights of the show will be the awe-inspiring performances by MIKE Peter and his pack. Mike is not only a talented dog coach, he is also World Vice Champion in Agility and even participated in the German TV show Top Dogs ! Watch how he and his dogs their skills through thrilling agility performances on 6th and 7th april at Luxexpo The Box.

Prepare to be blown away as Mike navigates his dogs through obstacles with grace and ease, demonstrating the incredible bond between a dog and their owner.

Learn how to pamper your pooch with Pets Mobility & Structure

If you’re a pet owner in the southern region of Luxembourg, you’ll be delighted to hear about Pets Mobility & Structure, the Cabinet d’Ostéopathie et Physiothérapie Animalier in Pontpierre. This practice specializes in animal osteopathy and physiotherapy, offering top-notch services to help your furry friends lead healthy and active lives. Visit their booth at the International Dog Show to ask questions and get advice on your pet’s well-being. What’s more, they’re organizing workshops on how to relax your dog through massage and hosting topical conferences on the importance of physio and osteotherapy for dogs. Book your appointment at reduced prices with Alexa today on her website.

Experience the captivating world of Dog Dancing with the Training Club Canin de Thionville!

Be amazed as skilled Training Club Canin de Thionville and their furry partners take the spotlight, performing dynamic routines set to music that bring the ring of honour to life. Employing props and showcasing a repertoire of acquired tricks, these dogs showcase a blend of honed skills and inherent abilities, all nurtured through positive training methods.

Dog Dancing welcomes dogs of all ages, from young pups to those in their golden years, as long as their health permits. This engaging discipline fosters a strong bond between the duo, enhancing their mutual understanding and companionship.

Create lasting memories of your furry friend to cherish forever!

We’re thrilled to announce that dog photographer Max Kremer will be joining us at the International Dog Show once again!

Kremer is a master at capturing the beauty and personality of each furry client. Whether you’re looking to capture a special moment with your beloved pet, or simply want a professional photograph of your furry friend, Max is the perfect choice.

And here’s the best part – at the International Dog Show, you’ll be able to get your hands on professional photographs of your dog at reduced prices!